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Workover Rig Utilizing High Pressure Jointed Pipe

Coiled tubing units can be used at lower depth wells (1500+ m)
to shorten trip times. The more rapid decent and ascent
speeds offered by coiled tubing allows the jet drilling process
to be completed more quickly and thus economically. However,
in shallower wells High Pressure Jointed Pipe can be more
beneficial by allowing a workover rig to be used
throughout the jet drilling process.

Case Cutting with Coiled Tubing

  • Run Diverter to bottom on production tubing
  • Run PDM motor and C-5 Rhino to bottom on CT
  • Cut hole in casing with the C-5 Rhino and PDM motor (500psi)
  • Rotate diverter in specific increments until multiple holes are cut in casing
  • Pull PDM and C-5 Rhino from well

Jet Drilling with Coiled Tubing

  • Run CT to bottom with a 30 to 60 foot HP hose and nozzle on bottom
  • Pump water through nozzle at 10,000 to 12,000 psi
  • Drill the lateral to the desired distance
  • A downhole filter is used to prevent nozzles from plugging
  • Rotate diverter in specific increments to drill multiple laterals
  • Pull diverter or move to another kickoff point to continue drilling more laterals
  • Repeat process until all laterals are drilled