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BJD’s internationally patented nozzle, typically known as Buckman’s Nozzle is the heart of the jet drilling system. With four models of nozzles developed over the last decade, Buckman’s Nozzles can efficiently and economically penetrate multiple formation types.


The nozzle’s front orifice creates a full cone vortex of high pressure fluid cutting the full diameter of the jet bit without using abrasives, while the rear jets propel the nozzle forward. The rear jets cut into the rock with the signature BJD star pattern increasing the contact area six-fold.

Technical Information

Jet bit penetration through Berra sandstone with compressive strength of 3500 psi, porosity of 16% and permeability of 69 mDarcies. Pressure at the Jet bit was 9,000 psi


 BJD Jet Bit  Flow (GPM  Penetration Rate (ft/min)
 834L 9 11
834C 16 37
High Flow (HF) 31 200
Xtreme Flow (XF) 37 900


1.25” length

Diameter = 0.62”


1.25” length

Diameter = 0.5”


Custom systems optimize each model of Buckman’s Nozzle for specific applications.

  • No moving parts increasing reliability and consistency
  • Higher horsepower nozzles available for tighter formations
  • Each nozzle is precision tuned and tested before deployment



Kentucky sandstone has a porosity greater than 20% and is found in many Kentucky oil reservoirs.

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Berea Sandstone

A standard for drilling. Porosity 16%, Permeability 67 milliDarcies. Found throughout many oil reservoirs in KY and Ohio.

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Common in oil reservoirs, limestone has a porosity of 15%

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Barnett Shale

Texas Barnett Shale core is a hard rock. It is found in unconventional reservoirs for fracing.

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Marcellus Shale

Ohio Marcellus Shale core is a hard rock found in unconventional reservoirs for fracing.

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Found in reservoirs in Europe. Dolomite has a porosity of 9.2% and permeability of 2.1 MilliDarcies.

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