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Enhancements Overview

Buckman Jet Drilling has developed a simple, economical and effective jet drilling method and tool set that can be exploited in a repeatable manner to enhance thousands of wells in a given area in a short amount of time by virtually any service company and crew with a minimum amount of training and assistance.

            Buckman Jet Drilling (“BJD”) is the leader in radial jet drilling technology for the enhancement of oil & gas wells (“EOR”). The company’s patented technology provides an additional well enhancement service that is used by service companies, operators and well owners to increase profits. The technology connects or reconnects the wellbore to the reservoir through multiple 30-100 foot lateral boreholes created by high pressure fluid (primarily water plus additives) and a patented engineered jet bit.  The technology can be used with coil tubing units, work over rigs and straight tubing in multiple rock formation types at different depths, making it the most versatile, economically efficient and complete jet drilling system on the market today.

Dickinson Published Results

Field tests (by Dickinson, BJD and BJD licensees) have demonstrated that by drilling short (30 foot) laterals in most reservoirs, the production rate can be enhanced by over 400% and the decline rate reduced significantly.


The graph to the right shows significant enhancements to Kentucky oil wells utilizing the Buckman Jet Drilling Technology. The lateral lengths were typically 30 ft long.


This equation does not consider near well bore damage that usually exists in older wells, so the enhancement will be more than the modified radial flow equation predicts. Notice that by drilling only 20ft laterals that one obtains approximately double enhanced production and also a reduced decline rate.