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The BJD HydraPerf™ is a perforating system that utilizes sand jetting technology to create multiple perforation types. The HydraPerf™ creates cleaner perforations when compared to traditional explosive charge types. It will maintain cement integrity while reaching out farther than traditional perforations.
Multiple hole sizes can be designed to be job specific with size ranging from one quarter inch to two inch diameter perforations.
The BJD HydraPerf™ utilizes a superior abrasive blending process. In cases where near well bore damage is preventing production this simple process can increase production dramatically. The clean perforations allow better conductivity with the formation where you need it most. The HydraPerf™ can also be used for pipe recovery and many other down hole operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior perforations
  • Multiple perforation sizes
  • Superior abrasive blending process
  • Reduces formation break down pressures