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Jet Drilling Process

Coiled Tubing or High Pressure Jointed Pipe conveys fluid flow and pressure to the flex hose and nozzle assembly to typically penetrate the formation from 20ft – 50ft+ [6 – 15m+].

The Buckman Jet Drilling system can be deployed in either of two methods: High Pressure Jointed Pipe (macaroni tubing) allows operators to complete the entire jet drilling process utilizing a workover rig. In contrast, Coiled Tubing allows for a shorter trip time for deeper operations (5000 – 10,000 ft.) [1500 – 3000m].

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced production
  • Reduced decline rate
  • Small equipment footprint
  • Less fluid consumption
  • Environmentally-friendly technology

In cased hole applications, operator will use a case cutting method to gain access to the formation. In open hole completions no case cutting is necessary.

Lateral lengths depend on flex hose length. The assembly turns a short radius (3 in.) exiting horizontally. The flex hose and nozzle extend out into the formation creating a lateral.