Below we have assembled a list of questions commonly asked by companies interested in our products and the jet drilling industry. We hope you find our answers helpful. If you have a question not represented on the list below or would like further clarification please contact us here.

Between (100%-1000%) depending on the well reservoir.

Typically from 25 – 50 feet. In a soft reservoir it is possible to drill over 100 feet.

Yes. We have a gyro scope stinger that latches on to our diverter to determine the direction of the Buckman Nozzle as it exits the diverter.

Usually. We use high pressure and a stiff hose which tends to  cause the nozzle to  go in a straight direction.

Up to 30 laterals or more at lengths of 30 feet per lateral. This provides significant enhancement.

Our reaming rate is usually at 1 foot per hour. Usually it takes one day.

Typical time to cut  a one inch hole through the typical 5.5 inch casing is 6 minutes.

Depending on the reservoir,  we use from  5,000 psi to 20,000 psi and from 7 GPM to 40GPM.

We use high pressures up to 20,000 psi and flow rates of 1 barrel a minute. This will clean the perforations. It will also excavate the wall of the open hole well which improves the conductivity between the bore hole and reservoir to  enhance the production of the well.

Each well has mob and demob and the cost is specific for each well.