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Below are links to testimonials from people who have utilized the BJD system, along with excerpts of what they had to say about BJD.

The production from well just prior to your procedure was just under 1 BOPD. After pumping the well only a short time after the procedure, we feel that we had recovered most of the jetting fluid and the production increased to 8 BOPD! Later, after being shut in for a few months for other unrelated issues . . . oil was trying to flow up from the casing!

- Don Marshall

BJD’s Down Hole Tools are simply awesome! [...] Their patented jet drilling bit (nozzle) jet drills rapidly through hard rock and is the best jet drilling bit that I have observed in the field

- Gus Thorpe

The best jet drilling bits that I have used were the proprietary and patented jet bits provided [...] by Buckman Jet Drilling

- Pete Paletta

We are very pleased with the results you were able to achieve for us and we are now working on the engineering in anticipation of hiring you for more work on other wells.

- Blair Merriam

Based on my experience with the Russell #2 well in Hancock County, Kentucky where Buckman's Jet Drilling increased the production from 1 BOPD to 20 BOPD initially and now it is still 7 BOPD 4 years later, I recommend that the Buckman Jet Drilling System increases the production of oil wells.

- Dr. Marvin Russell