Featured Articles

We have been featured in several publications and research projects throughout our history. Below is a list of some of the most notable.

A New Approach to Drilling

Authors: Dr. William G. Buckman, Sr. / Zachary Pearl, Buckman Jet Drilling, Inc., USA / Dr. William C. Maurer, Maurer Engineering, USA

Originally published in “Oilfield Technology” August 2013

“Coiled Tubing Radials Placed by Water Jet Drilling”

Authors: Dickinson,W / Dykstra, H. / Nordlund,R / Dickinson, R.

Originally published in SPE 26348, 68th SPE/ATCE 1993

“Low-Cost Radial Jet Drilling Helps Drilling Revitalize 40-Year-Old Oilfield”

Authors: Steven D. Cinelli / Ahmed H. Kamel

Originally published in “Drilling Contractor” June 2013

“Radial Drilling Can Increase Production and Access Hydrocarbons in a Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Manner”

Author: Steve Elliott, Project Development Manager, Tethys Petroleum

Originally published in WORLD OIL October 2011: 57-64
Originally published in “Bowling Green & South Central Kentucky: Central for Business” 2014